Impossibility Challenger 2018
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Lisboa, Portugal
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Challenge the impossible!

14 international and national record holders will set 23 records and try to beat 11 world records!

 Leiria, 9th and 10th of June 2018.


Leiria, 22/05/2018. Recorders from many countries will try to transcend the barriers of the impossible during the 24th edition of the Impossibility Challenger, which is going to take place in the city of Leiria in Portugal, on the 9th and 10th of June.

The world records serve as a platform for anyone to set a new world record or a personal record in non-Olympic disciplines. The goal of the Impossibility Challenger is simply to inspire people to experience the joy that arises when they defy the seemingly impossible. Moreover, it aims at increasing their own capabilities and their self-confidence as well as sharing inspiration with others.

The following candidates are confirmed…

The New Yorker Ashrita Furman, known as the person who has set the highest number of world records certified by the World committee (about 600), being the holder of around 200 records at the present day, ( Also confirmed is Paddy Doyle, a former member of the British Parachute Regiment holding 49 entries in the Book of Records from 1990 to 2008, among others.

Portugal is represented by Isa Sebastião, Carlos Vieira, Jorge Cardinali, Hugo Rito, the Speleology Sports Association of Leiria and Gustavo Fonseca, being the youngest candidate with only 7 years of age.


These are just some of the challenges you can witness at this incredible event: catching as many marshmallows as possible with your mouth in one minute, launched by a catapult; extinguish the largest number of flames on a torch in a minute with one’s tongue; break as many pencils as possible in a minute using one’s head; climbing a climbing wall using inline skates; singing for 27 hours; Standup Paddle for 10 hours; riding a bicycle with one hand for 8 hours; making the largest number of origami in 7 minutes; pulling a 15 ton truck; rotating 21 plates simultaneously on iron rods and swimming 12 hours a day for 7 consecutive days in a swimming pool.


The event begins on the 4th of June with the record of Andrea Marcato in the Leiria Municipal Swimming Pool, continues on the 9th with records going on outside the Municipal Stadium of Leiria, Lis River and Climbing Complex of Leiria and ends on the 10th of June in the Sports Complex of the Pousos, with a wide variety of records.


Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007) started the Impossibility Challenger in 1982, which for many years was organized in Zurich, Switzerland. From 2002 to 2010, it took place in Munich and later also in New Zealand and Hungary. It will be held for the second time in our country being supported by the city council of Leiria.
Sri Chinmoy always strived for the continuous transcendece of his own human limitations. He composed more than 21,000 songs (in Bengali and English), wrote 120,000 poems and 1,600 books, drew almost 16 million birds, created 140,000 paintings and established countless world records in the world of weightlifting. In February 2007, Sri Chinmoy lifted an adult elephant weighing 3,910 kg – including the apparatus and the caretaker, performed at the age of 75.


This visionary of peace, dedicated his life to the promotion of harmony and understanding between people, leaving us the following message: If we compete only to increase our capacities, to transcend ourselves, and to inspire others, then we will be better citizens of a better world.”

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