International record breaking festival

3 November 2019 The Netherlands

Vaibhava Kuschnow (A)
loves creative sport challenges

Transcend yourself with a personal or world record!

Milan Roskopf (SK)
during his favorite sport -
juggling with motor saws!

"One positive thought Is enough to challenge The pride of impossibility."

- Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the Impossibility Challenger

There are no limits to your dreams!

Reveal your own excellence!
Transcend your own limits
and face your own challenges!

Impossibility Challenger 2021 - date and location to be announced

Impossibility Challenger 2019 in the Dutch media:

Hart van Nederland
Omroep West

Challenge the Impossible!

Impossibility Challenger is a World Record Festival. It serves as a platform for anyone who wants to push the limits of human possibility and wants to try to establish a World Record or personal record in a non-olympic discipline.

Impossibility Challenger seeks to inspire people from all walks of life, nations and age categories to experience the joy and excitement of self-transcendence and newness in a unique way. The organizers and helpers all work as volunteers. Impossibility Challenger is a non-profit event that is sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Centers.

Impossibility Challenger was first organized in Zürich, Switzerland in 1982. Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the Impossibility Challenger, visited the event twice in the following years. From 2002 on the Impossibility Challenger took place also in Germany, New Zealand, Hungary and Portugal.

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How to participate

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