Records 2002-2018

Results 2018 – Leiria, Portugal

Record Name Type Result additional info
1 Music Marathon relay – The longest time performing different songs of 1 composer continuously Sri Chinmoy Centre (International) WORLD 27 hrs 37 min 27 sec 1.397 songs
2 Pulling a truck with trailer including 13 people (total weight 17.299 kg) a distance of 20 meters Radek Rosa (Czech Republic) Personal 47,44 seconds
3 Flipping a tire (weight 290 kg) as far as possible Radek Rosa (Czech Republic) Personal 32,10 meters
4 Flipping with one hand a 20kg weight Radek Rosa (Czech Republic) Personal 12 catches
5 Most alternate one-handed claps in one minute Abhinabha Tangerman (The Netherlands) WORLD 615 claps
6 Longest duration to keep two balloons in the air with the head Abhinabha Tangerman (The Netherlands) WORLD 1 minute, 9 seconds
7 Longest duration to keep three balloons in the air with the entire body Abhinabha Tangerman (The Netherlands) WORLD 39 min 49 sec
8 Climbing the most difficult UIAA 9 meters climbing wall with inlineskates Vaibhava Kuschnow (Austria) Personal 56,20 seconds
9 Swimming the longest distance in a swimming pool in 7 days Andrea Marcato (Italy) Italian National 222 km
10 Most Marshmallows caught in the mouth with a home-made catapult in one minute Ashrita Furman (USA) WORLD 40 marshmellows
11 Most blow torches extinguished with the tongue in one minute Ashrita Furman (USA) WORLD 102 torches
12 Most pencils you can snap with your head in a minute Ashrita Furman (USA) WORLD 64 pencils
13 The longest period reciting consecutive prayers by heart Maria Leão (Austria) Portuguese National 645 poems in 7 hours
14 Longest time cycling with one hand Carlos Vieira (Portugal) Personal 8 hours 6 minutes, distance: 74,4km
15 Most plates spun simultaneously for the longest time Jorge Cardinali (Portugal) Portuguese National 21 plates spinning 1 hour 19 minutes and 21 seconds
16 Fastest vertical ascent and descent by a team of climbers Núcleo de Espeleologia de Leiria (Portugal) WORLD 5730m ascent and 5730m descent in 12 hours
17 The fastest 27km backwards running Hugo Rito (Portugal) Portuguese National 3 hours 32 minutes 4 seconds
18 Creating the biggest cloth wheel Izilda Ferreira (Portugal) WORLD diameter: 1,98m; circumference: 6,18m

Results 2017 – Kladno, Czech Republic

Record Name Type Result additional info
1 Music Marathon relay – The longest time performing different songs of 1 composer continuously by people in traditional garment Sri Chinmoy Centre (International) World 27 hrs 13 min 8 sec 1069 songs
2 Longest time keeping Yoga Prayer Pose Pranam asana Charuhasi Schroeder (Germany) World 13 hrs 7 min 14 sec
3 Playing the violin for the longest time Andrej Višněvský (Czech Republic) Czech National 17 hrs 0 min 7 sec
4 Dead lift with one finger with a long bar Radek Rosa (Czech Republic) Czech National 60,8 kg
5 Jumping frogs relay Sportovní klub LS Kladno (Czech Republic) Personal 468,7 m
5b Fastest leapfrog relay (10 people) Sportovní klub LS Kladno (Czech Republic) World 1 min 38.87 sec
6 Power juggling, Longest Time Juggling Three shot puts 7,26 kg (16 lb) Milan Roskopf (Slovakia) WORLD not achieved (0 min 44.66 sec)
7 Longest duration to keep three balloons in the air Abhinabha Tangerman (The Netherlands) WORLD 6 min 52 sec
8 Farthest Cherrypit snipping Vaibhava Kuschnow (Austria) Personal 19,5 m
9 15kg plate flips in the air with the upper grip in one minute Radek Rosa (Czech Republic) Czech National 21x flips 37 sec
10 Most jumps in the water from a starting block into a pool in 1 hour Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic) Czech National 223 dives
11 Longest Time Juggling Three Bowling Pins Milan Roskopf (Slovakia) Slovakian National 2 min 4 sec
12 The longest Czech strudel Sri Chinmoy Marathon team and friends (Czech Republic) Czech National 83,47 m
13 Fastest 100m carrying an egg on a teaspoon on inline skates Vaibhava Kuschnow (Austria) Personal 0 min 17.60 sec
14 Fastest 1 mile run wearing swim fins Samalya Schaefer (Germany) WORLD 5 min 48.20 sec
15 Nejrychlejší hra blechy na 100 m Ralf Laue (Germany) Personal 3 min 34.73 sec
16 Tyre flips for 50m Radek Rosa (Czech Republic) Czech National 1 min 40.57 sec 209 kg
17 Fastest 3 km run in a group costume for 27 people Sri Chinmoy Marathon team (Czech Republic) Czech National 27 min 31 sec
18 High throw with a 24,493 kg weight with one hand Vladislav Tuláček (Czech Republic) Czech National 537 cm 2nd attempt
19 Most throws and catches of a fire sword in 30 seconds Ashrita Furman (USA) WORLD 27x
20 Footbag trick Clipper Jan Weber (Czech Republic) World 327x touches 5 min 10 sec
21 Most dominoes stacked on one domino in one minute Ralf Laue (Germany) WORLD 42 domino kostek
22 Clipper – freestyle football trick Jan Weber (Czech Republic) World 64x touches 4th attempt in 60 sec
23 Most balloons burst with the mouth in one minute Ashrita Furman (USA) WORLD 51x
24 Peace tree with the most number of words “Peace” written on leaves Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run (Czech Republic) Czech National 54513 words, 378 leaves, 153 languages
25 The longest paper model of a DNA molecule Středisko volného času Labyrint, Kladno (Czech Republic) Czech National 377 cm from 118 nucleotids
26 Symposium Mirage – footbag trick Jan Weber (Czech Republic) WORLD 30x touches
27 Most kiwifruits sliced with a sword on a Swiss ball in one minute Ashrita Furman (USA) WORLD not achieved

Results 2002-2016

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